iRode 1000

The “father of LD riding in Australia”.


The only eligibility criteria for this ride is a willingness to ride far.

iRode 1000 Requirements:

  • Ride a minimum of 1,000 kilometres.
  • Must be completed within 24 hours.
  • Obtain and show as proof your Start receipt.
  • Arrive/start/finish within the designated check in window to qualify.
  • First created by the “father of LD riding in Australia” to launch FarRiders.
    • This distance was the original as set by David “Davo” Jones.
    • Back then, this was the only ride available but lured so many to catch the LD bug.
    • Also referred to as “Davo’s Thou”.

Additional Information:

The check in window can be anywhere within the allowable time frame and distance requirements. The logistics of this is up to the rider but the ride must include the check in window.

  • Check in window examples:
    • At the start of the ride.
    • Any where within the ride.
    • At the end of the ride.