What is Far Road all about?

Far Road is an Australian long distance motorcycle riding community and this is our website.

We have risen from the ashes after one of Australia’s most popular long distance riding group’s trademark was “sold” and the domain and all online presence went dark.

This was a very stark end to the vision that one man started.

That one man activated an itch within us all, an LD itch, we never realized how many of us needed to scratch that itch. That one man called out to us, inviting us and uniting us. That one man was Davo, David “Davo” Jones. He was arguably the father of long distance riding here in Australia.

Due to the “sell off”, the demise of the name and TM etc, our home was vanquished along with all our ride reports (RR), our posts, our photos and videos, our posts, our community, our home. It quickly become apparent that the “new owners” had no interest in keeping the domain website, the forum or the group intact, online and thus, keeping our shared passion for long distance riding together.

It also quickly become apparent that a new home was a must, so here we are. A new home, a new name, a new future. A future we’d really like you to be a part of.

That man Davo, he called out to each and everyone of us, riders and pillions alike, to ride long and to ride far. Now it’s our turn to call out to each and one of you to do the same.

If you’re an experienced LD rider, you know the joy this caper brings, the fun one has when meeting up with like minded riders. If you’re a novice at this LD game, come along. Find out if you will become a dedicated, loyal and a tad fanatical diehard that really enjoys riding long distances on a motorcycle and sharing the tale of the adventure.

You just never know how hard that LD bug bites until you have a go. So come along, let us mentor you on your first LD ride and share the fun and deep satisfaction that is, riding the Far Road.