Far Road – it’s your road now…

Far Road is an Australian community of like minded long distance motorcycle riders. Our mission is to promote and encourage safe, long distance riding. We are not a club, there are no fees to join just your time and commitment to ride long and far.

“Plan the ride, ride the plan.” is our mantra, our motto. When we ride our plan we always have a fail-safe. We called this fail-safe, “Rule No. 1”.

So what is this long distance riding caper?

Long distance (LD) riding involves a rider, a motorcycle and a road. The rider then must ride a certain distance within a set time frame.

Typically a long distance ride is over a 24 hour time period however, there a many types of long distance rides and over many different time frames.

The Iron Butt Association is the peak body long distance body. The IBA has branches all over the world including here with IBA Australia.

Far Road rides, we call these iRode are certainly not as arduous as the rides set by the IBA. In fact, iRode rides are intended to be a trial, a stepping stone into the LD world of riding.

Note too that LD riding isn’t just a solo sport. Pilot and pillion 2up teams are often seen. A rarity but we can vouch that a family resplendent in a side-car participated in an LD event.

Yes, they did succeed and proudly became members of a very rare LD group of motorcycle riders and pillions! Will you become part of this amazing family of ours?