Far Road Forum

Our forum is the place to be!

The Far Road forum is a wonderful resource for all your long distance riding questions, tips, support, logistics, encouragement, wisdom and safety advice. Registration to gain full access to the forum is necessary yet simple and easy.

Once logged in, introduce yourself, tell us a little about your LD goals and/or previous achievements then let the fun begin.

Yes fun!

As much as riding long distance is NOT a trivial affair, there is no reason why is should not be fun.

If your never been to one of our iRode meets (even if these were called by a different name) well, once you have you’ll soon find out we are friendly, a tad fanatical (about our LD adventures) and most certainly like to share our humour, laughter and fun times.

Once we leave our meet location, the yearning for the next iRode begins. No sooner than we get down business in the “cockpit” of our motorcycle, we reflect back on the bonds and memories that remain forever. Be aware though, the yearning for the next long distance meet (LDM), the next iRode, begins long before the next fuel stop.

For those that couldn’t attend, via our forum, we’ll be waiting patiently for your post telling us all about your unique experiences on that ride.